Favorite Five - Sideboards

With fall knocking loudly on my door I have started to think about the upcoming holidays and what we need to do to prepare the house for guests! If you are furniture shopping you should be thinking about buying relatively soon since lead times on items are usually at least 5 weeks. So with that said I am on the hunt for a fabulous sideboard to function as storage but also as a serving station if needed! Below are my "Favorite Five" sideboards!

Vanguard's Storage Cabinet has a mid century feel and I like the idea of 4 simple doors.

Alexa Horchow Sideboard

I just love the curved feature and detailing on the doors of the Alexa and it would look pretty from all directions!

mgbw sideboard

The Vandyke Sideboard at 72"w would be ample storage that I am sure in a jiffy I could make into not enough storage!


$6000 is a bit out of my price range but I can't help but love the sleek lines of the Trenton Sideboard!


This Arhaus style is a bit rustic for me but I would love to find a vintage piece with all glass doors and  exceptional height! It definitely would add interest and drama to the dining room!

What furniture pieces are you looking to purchase before the holidays?

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joseph said...

wow its all gorgeous.
Sideboard furniture shopping can be a rewarding experience but make sure you can get what you are looking for by shopping around online and in person at local retailers. Quality varies a great deal, and Italian furniture is rightly considered to be the best. Make sure you are buying a reputable brand, from a good supplier, as a cheap finish will not last.