Monday Morning Happy

Morning Friends! How was your weekend? The countdown is officially on we have less than 30 days until the wedding (thanks Mom for the countdown emails) and to say our to do list is getting longer would be an understatement! That is why today's Monday picture is perfect because I literally have post its and lists taped up all around the house!

Maison Scotch

This weekend a few fabulous things happened! First I met a new client for a Design Session. She was so excited about the process that it once again reminded me of how much fun my job is and how completely gratifying it is to help people fall in love with their homes! Thanks Sarah!

As a blogger you really never know who is reading unless they leave a comment but by the thousands of readers I have I can tell not everyone is leaving comments! On Saturday night I was at an auction and someone came up to me saying she reads my blog weekly. Well let me tell you it made my entire night! Thanks Joanne and Jean for leading her to CreateGirl!

Lastly I finally settled on a flower girl dress! The Gillian from crewcuts combines elements of my dress and the bridesmaids dresses and I think it is going to just look darling! Once again good things come to those who are patient!

(image from Maison Scotch)


Decortizo said...

Julieann, the excitement must be building! The dress is precious! xo

LindsB said...

I cant believe the countdown is already on, so so exciting!! Enjoy these last few days becuase they go by so fast!

Marcy said...

These days are hectic, but it will be fabulous! Enjoy the anticipation!

Karole Moe Art said...

Savor this time and enjoy it all. Congratulations