Monday Morning Happy

I must admit I am still getting use to my "new life"! When I was a single girl living alone it was not uncommon for me to plow through a project all weekend, barely coming out of my creative zone to eat. Now that there are 2 other people living with me I realize how important it is to put down all of the electronic devices and get back to the simple act of playing. It can be something as simple as a quick card game, reading a silly book or clearing the living room furniture for a dance off (which happens often). Planning a wedding, running a business and taking care of a house can quickly eat up the entire week so when I came across this image on Pinterest it really stuck with me. Not only does it give me a time out to be silly and reconnect with the family, it usually leads to a burst of creativity at work!

Marc Johns

Here's hoping there is some time to "play" in your new week!

(image from Marc Johns)


Barbara Hirsch said...

I loved this, thanks so much for sharing this important reminder and sweet illustration :-) Have a playful week!

Dionne Trifiro Designs said...

I agree! This weekend we had 'Game Night" and played Uno & Sorry and danced to Michael Jackson on our new vinyl record player!

courtney {splendid actually} said...

it's so true. how easy it is to forget.

christine said...

I pinned this.....LOVE this pic. Thanks for the reminder.