Affordable Wall Decor - Karole Moe Art

The first time I saw Karole Moe Art was back in September at the SoWa Market in Boston. Since that day I have been dying to use her work in a project! Karole paints on birch plywood with left over house paint (a genius way to recycle, right?!) and than adds a 2 part resin coating which gives the piece an exceptional sheen! This application is what drew me into her booth,  it creates such a movement within each piece. Of course the affordability of her art is a bonus for all!

Karole Moe
Karole Moe's booth at the SoWa Market



"Stripes have inspired me for many years. As an artist I have always used stripes to build layers and depth into my work. For me, the line itself means a great deal in the emotion it can provoke. Color is also a wavelength that I incorporate into everything I do as an artist." Karole Moe


Karole's smaller pieces start at $50, a great price to buy multiple and group them together!

(images from Karole Moe Art and The Sharpe Gallery)



that beautiful ... I like how you give life to those colors anywhere ..
I would like to have things well in my room ..
very good article ... very beautiful pictures ...
greetings ..

Duchy said...

I love the blues! So fun! You'll have to let me know what the price is!

Dave said...

Interesting article as always! Love the deep colours and ingenious use of house-paint!

I Just found this great site that rents artwork (good if you can give make your mind up like me!). They recently appeared on reuters, have a look.

Love the blog!

Andy - juegos gratis said...

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