Home Typography Tuesday - Love In the Home

What would Valentine's Day be without a little "love" typography for our home? Love where you live!!

Pinterest Source?

Jess LC - Rue Magazine - Valentines Day

In your own house what is your favorite room or nook? For me it is definitely a cozy chair right by the fireplace!!

(image from 1.found via Pinterest with no link to source please share if you know! 2. Make Under My Life featured in RUE Magazine)


Karena said...

Adore the images with yellow and orange accents, beautiful. My bedroom is my favorite, a comfy cozy retreat!

Happy Valentines!

Art by Karena

Tracey Ayton Photography said...

I just adore typography!! In any kind of shape or form. Happy Valentine's Day!!!

PureLivingInteriors said...

I'm totally in love with typo on cushions - and love the orange one, too.
Love your blog, I finally discovered recently, so much

Happy Valentine!

design elements said...

love topography. i have some letters in my kitchen. lovely greetings


Idea Interiors said...

Definitely a fireplace if I had one. I opt for a cozy chair in my Zen Den though! Lovely entries!


Sam said...

I love those white oak fontainbleu parquet floors as well!

Anonymous said...

I desperately wish we could Dash & Albert rugs for a reasonable price in Australia, or at least if there was an alternative! I have to say my favourite nook at the moment is probably my little entry console, I change it up every time I clean!