Elements of a Foyer

This foyer created by designer Lindsey Coral Harper sets such a stylish first impression. You would think the bright blue door would make enough of a statement on it's own but once paired with Phillip Jeffries Voyage wallpaper it takes a turn to the incredible! I love how the matching blue lamps draw your eye into the space while the brown wainscoting encourages you to look down to the stylish trunk storage. There are so many great elements to this space it's a wonder anyone would ever leave the entry way!

Lindsey Coral Harper House Beautiful

Phillip Jeffries Voyage Collection Wallpaper in Moroccan Chocol available in 8 colors

(image from House Beautiful Lindsey Coral Harper)

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Anonymous said...

Stunning entry. That cobalt blue door would happily move straight into my house, although I just painted mine charcoal! Love your blog!