Brizo makes it a breeze

Early in the summer I received an email from a company named Brizo and was convinced the email had been sent to the wrong girl. The invite was a all expenses paid trip to NYC not only to learn more about their products but also an invitation to attend the Jason Wu Fashion show during Fashion Week! I squealed so loud I think my family thought we had won the lottery. Well they didn't but I certainly felt like I did! To be completely honest I felt as if my degree in fashion was colliding with my career life in interiors. Isn't this what I had always dreamed about while spending hours in Color Theory class and the abundance of sewing classes I have taken during school? Pinch me silly, I was over the moon!

Brizo Shower

First let me be proper and introduce you to my host. Brizo is the luxury line of the Delta faucet company and let me tell you they know about luxury. Can you say Smart Touch kitchen faucets (look Ma, no hands!) and H2O kinetics that keep your water warm from shower head until it hits your body? Ummm goodbye cold winter mornings! The best part? A behind the scenes look into how a faucet's design comes about. After 19 years with the company Judd is a master and yes he can find inspiration in anything. The mood boards and color stories they created were incredibly inspiring. YES FAUCETS CAN BE BEAUTIFUL, just take a look!

 Brizo Baliza 
The Baliza Faucet was inspired by a lighthouse, "A Beacon for the Kitchen"

Venuto Brizo
The Venuto faucet is taken from the Italian word Benvenuto which means welcome! This is also the faucet which introduced the Smart Touch Technology. Fabulous, right?

After we learned all we could about the line we were broken into groups for the "Design Challenge" and sent out into the city to find inspiration. This was truly a fun afternoon! My group was inspiring, creative and worked really well together.

All of the boards were incredible and I loved the story we created but I was a little shocked when we WON! Here we are with the judges. Our prize was a Brizo Flip Cam AND a very generous Brizo gift certificate. I can't wait to use both. To see our inspiration and more photos of my team jump over to my Facebook page.

Thank you once again for the fabulous team at Brizo, this was such an amazing experience one I will not soon forget! Now let's get to specifying some faucets!

Check back in tomorrow for my recap of the Jason Wu Fashion Show, it was incredible!

(images from Brizo and Jayme Thronton)

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LindsB said...

That is like winning the lottery!! What an amazing trip- interior design and a fashion show in one- I'm sure you had a blast!