Crate and Barrel Goes Old School

While scouting Crate and Barrel for dining room chairs I came across the Kitchenette Light Oak Table and it immediately took me back to Elementary School Days! Isn't this table reminiscent of the school desks we had as grade school students? The tubular steel with a thin wood top that looks as it is floating above the chrome base is just as I remembered it to be!

School House Desk and Chair

Crate and Barrel Dining Table

The table is an affordable option (the rectangle version above is $239) for the kitchen or even to be used as a desk! It is available in 3 finishes; light oak, walnut and white.
Crate and Barrel Kitchenette Sq Table

Thankfully with the modern day version the chair is separate, no awkward moments of trying to stand up straight and getting caught....not that I ever did that!

Rectangular Kitchen Table
Thanks C&B for the walk down memory lane! Now to find a place for this table in my own house!

(image from US School Furniture,Crate and Barrel)

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SarahW said...

I rather like the ols school version - happy days! But no, not very practical and I was always in trouble for sitting sideways on my chair...