Color Time - Benjamin Moore Narragansett Green

Welcome to Color Time! If you are new to CreateGirl this is a series where I present a photograph of a room and introduce you to the exact paint color in that room. This enclosed porch caught my attention for it's Narragansett Green dark trim and floor. It is another good example of how paint on a on a horizontal surface can take on a different tone when painted vertically!

BM Naragansett Green


The paint color seamlessly brings the outdoor view inside. Painting the moldings white would be much to harsh in this area! What do you say, would you use this color on your porch?

*Note: The above room is the actual paint color not just a resemblance of the color. As you can see above, the paint chip sample online looks different than what is in the actual room photo. When choosing paint for your own home never go by what you see online, the color will always be a tad different. I suggest picking up a small paint sample at the store and paint a color swatch in the actual room, than you will never be disappointed!
(image from House Beautiful - Architect Gil Schafer & Eve Ashcraft)


Creative Director said...

I think it's beautiful--a sea-like color, perfect for a home near the ocean. Or people who dream of being near the ocean. :-) It still looks blue to me, though.

Unknown said...

Yes please! Grey is the best neutral color by far. Perfect backdrop for seasonal plantings. Our front vestibule is a similar color and screams sophistication and cleans the palette for what is to come!

Unknown said...

Although, I am a huge fan of C2's Tribeca & Alloy as well.

Caitlin said...

Oh, this is an amazing color. It would be beautiful in a dining room as well but I'm loving it on this porch! Great find my dear.

Miss you! xx

Kate {domestikatedlife} said...

I love your paint-color tips; I was at my mom's house this weekend and we were watching the paint-chips change color as the lighting changed -- so important to do some tests on the wall!