Ercol Chiltern Collection

Most people who know me would look at these pieces and say they are not my style but I think that is the fascinating thing about design, your style can change. I came across this Chiltern collection after viewing an Ercol piece at Anthropologie and I must admit I am completely smitten!

Ercol designed these mid century pieces exclusively for the UK based store John Lewis. The display cabinet is a work of art in itself, I could see this being used in a multiple of rooms!

There is something so appealing about the criss-cross feature on these chairs. A sign of good design, they didn't just stop with the back of the chair, look at the base, that detailing is beautiful!

The collection is available in black and white lacquer along with a natural oak.
Mid Century enthusiasts would be in love with this entire collection, even the table's apron is true to the style but with a more modern feel.

What do you say, would you mix in a few of these pieces with your current style?
(images from Ercol)


Leslie Fine said...

I love these pieces - they would look great in either a traditional or more contemporary setting. The criss- cross detail makes them whimsically classic!

Forever Lovely said...

I love the simple style of these pieces, great attention to detail. Lovely!


MissBliss said...

Those chairs are fabulous! :)

Anonymous said...

Having fallen in love with the two seater bench. I bought one as the icing on the cake of our refurbished kitchen. It is in excellent use: changing shoes, dumping jackets, home for handbags, lost car keys and some lovely retro cushions of Sanderson Dandelion clocks. Surprisingly comfy to sit on... I love it, love it love it, but then I have other Ercol classics too..... Mix & match works with this piece, almost timeless!