Design With What You Have

A large part of Jace Interiors is focused on "Designing With What You Have". This can come about in two ways. The first option is to use what the homeowner currently owns to create a new room and the second option is to design a room that they can, overtime move pieces to other rooms in their house. Most often this starts with a color scheme that flows throughout the home. Below is a perfect example of 2 rooms which can share accents and furniture.

The blue Christopher Spitzmiller lamp is shown here in the Living Room but could also be used in the guest room as seen in the image below. The accent pillows on the chairs could also be easily moved to the bedroom to give a new feel to the space!

It is difficult to see the full scale of this round table but I would bet I could find a new home for it in the living room! It is fun to look at your current accent pieces in a new way. Living Room and Bedroom accents are often interchangeable! 

When was the last time you moved a piece from one room to another? Window panels, wall decor and area rugs are easy and quick change to make a room feel new again without spending a penny! Give it a try!


Unknown said...

I'm totally on board with this idea. It is too easy to consume new products when they are often not needed. This is a perfect example.

Verdigris Vie said...

Of Course! Is there really any other way to decorate today? Shouldn't we always by with longevity and repurposing in mind? I usually move art and lamps, but I do have a couple of pieces of furniture that I think I would like to relocate as well..

Saw your blue inspiration on Houzz.. Perfect!

Unknown said...

I love that concept and am trying to incorporate it more as I redecorate my house.

xo Mary Jo

PhyllisE said...

This is such great information! I am moving from a single family home to a condo and have been thinking about how to use my existing furnishings in the new space. Very helpful!

Maureen @ Modecor said...

Absolutely...just bought a condo for some family members in a different city and am shopping in our cottage basement for any leftover furniture. Somewhat more challenging to make it work, but way more gratifying.

Caitlin said...

I'm all about moving furniture around to create a new look - it's an inexpensive way to decorate :)

I'm constantly helping clients do the same thing that don't have huge budgets.

Love the two rooms you featured - the pops of color are perfect for summertime.

Unknown said...

Love these interiors! I am such a blue girl!