Simple Sunshine

Yes I am a designer but sometimes I crave a room that is designed down. The room below is the perfect visual for this statement. Yes pieces flow together but it is a mismatch of simple items that all work together (could that chair be a Brimfield Find?). It is not overly fussy but overly relaxed. Today I am craving this space but more so all that sunshine that is streaming in the windows. After what seems like a month of rain in the Northeast I am hoping our reward will be a summer filled with simple sunshine days and relaxed rooms!


M.A. Gallerani said...

I am also in NE and this room is my idea of heaven! Just looking at it gives me hope for this dreary weather to end. Thanks!

Jessie said...

What a fabulous room! This is the kind of room when you walk in, you instantly feel good and relaxed!

Have a good week!