Owl Kids

Owl accents in kids room? How incredibly sweet! Recently I was scouring the web for a clients toddler room inspiration and the Owl theme was literally popping up around every corner. From the most adorable "Oopsy Lamp" to hoot hoot accent pillows, lovey wall decals and now Smith + Noble's new Olivia fabric even your windows can be outfitted! Here are a few of the cutest product out there!





Would you use the Owl theme (sparingly) in your child's bedroom?

 (image Layla Grace Sukan Art  Smith & Noble  Urban Walls)


Jess said...

A few years ago, yes. Now I am totally over it. Nothing against owls, they are cute. I am not one to be on the latest trends though so take my opinion with a large grain of sea salt. :)

My son is obsessed with penguins. But I keep pushing a surf theme on him. We are at odds. :)

Maggie Rose said...

So funny - my bf and I love owls and have often over the last 5 years traded little owl gifts and cards. Lately owls are EVERYWHERE, which makes it a little less special than finding the rare owl treat to give. So I could see us having one or two owls in a future nursery but probably not full-on owl theme (or "theme" anything, for that matter!). But I think for others though they are cute!

Brooke Hagel said...

Omg those owl wall decals are too cute!

Leslie Hassler said...

So funny - we just did a nursery with the pink and green owls fabric- Paired it with a mocha dupioni silk for a little sophistication.

Then bought our client owl & partridge thank you notes for when the baby arrives. Love the lamp!

stef@hauteapplepie said...

I have a little owl accent in my organic feeling nursery that I put up last year. Since I did it, I've seen owls everywhere as well, but I still love it :)

korean fashion said...

i will use this theme...cute.. Owl in pink colour will be welcomed by my kids.

fashion accessories said...

can imagine that the bed room is so warm and full with fun