Home Typography Tuesday via TradHome

What an exciting day, the brainchild of Traditional Home and Lonny has finally been unveiled! The new online magazine "TradHome" is just brilliant! As soon as I saw this image from the premiere issue I knew you would all just love it for today's Home Type Tuesday!

What a sweet playroom and with the lyrics from Madonna's Little Star just gives it that Glam factor. If this is the new "Traditional" I am all in!


Jump on over to the new TradHome Magazine and enjoy it for yourself, I bet you too will be counting the days until the next issue!

 (image from TradHome designer Jeff Andrews, artwork Matthew Hall)


Unknown said...

Love this photo! I featured it on my blog a couple weeks back :) Love the colours and the art!

Anonymous said...

Love it!! I've seen that ptint before and it's just great!

courtney {splendid actually} said...

What a fun room! So pretty yet playful and lively!

Caitlin said...

I'm COMPLETELY inspired by TRADhome - lots of inspiration floating around in my head :)

This room is so fun!