An Affordable Sun Porch Design

A motto of Jace Interiors is "Design With What You Have" quite often clients call me saying they don't have the budget to buy all new furniture but still want a new room feel. How do we accomplish this? We mix what they currently own with a few new pieces, it's like one big puzzle and I love the challenge! This photo is a perfect example!


Dust off that old picnic table from the side yard and bring it inside. Maybe give it a coat of  high gloss white paint if you are looking for a more modern scheme or leave it natural for a rustic feel. To create the look above pair the table with a few metal chairs from a budget friendly place like Home Decorators Club. Use the existing picnic bench propped against a wall with a long cushion from HomeGoods and you will have a similar room! If you really want to take it up a notch purchase Sunbrella accent pillow covers only and recover the pillows that you are not using (maybe the ones that are sitting on the guest room bed that no one ever see)! Finally you will have a sun porch that you will be happy to entertain in and you didn't spend a ton of money!

(image from Steven Gambrel House Beautiful)


Anonymous said...

Where does one buy Sunbrella covers?


Roxy Te said...

I love mixing it up! That's the theme behind all the merchandising in the showroom here. Upholstery mixed with rattan/wicker, painted pieces, and lots of color!

Alex {Things That Sparkle} said...

Love these ideas. We are trying to redo our roof deck this summer and home goods is going to be my first stop!

Caitlin said...

Could we take this sun porch and bring it to SF. Love this post!