The Perfect Love Day!

To be honest I have never been one to really celebrate Valentine's Day but this year I am feeling a bit more luvie! If I were to celebrate (or if a special someone was to plan a day for me...hint hint) this would be my dream!!

Waking up in a cozy, serene nook like this would be pure bliss and if there was a stack of magazine next to the bed it would be even more fabulous!

I am not a flashy kind of girl and prefer more simple heartfelt gifts! This necklace from Jess LC and a beautiful hand drawn card of my favorite city from Art Shark Designs would be a just enough!

Ending the day with a photo montage of pictures from the last year together would put me in a tizzy of happiness! Especially if it was arranged in a creative way like the photo above! 

(top image from Coastal Living, last image looking for source, if you know please let me know!)


kd said...

Love your Jess LC note. i just purchased two of her designs myself! :)

Jami - XOimagine said...

Yes, a whole day planned just for me and my honey would be amazing! I really like that last idea of a photo collection of the past year together! Going to start searching through mine now!

XO - Jami
i m a g i n e

Arianna said...

oh this is so cute! I love the photos on top of the bed how sweet! Hope you have a lovely Valentines day with lots of magazines stacked by ur bed ;)))

S and O said...

That valentine's day dream sounds lovely! :)
That house looks super cozy and sweet with that vibrant aqua paint :)

SnOOp said...

I adore photo montages and this is one of my favourite of all time

Raina Cox said...

Happy Valentine's Day and thanks so much for stopping by La Lamp Shade!


If the Lamp Shade Fits

Matrix Reimprinting said...

Love the heart shape photo montage! Looks sweet!

g.m. said...

i love the color of the doors on that first photo... wish i had a space like that!

Kelly Spencer said...

Nice to stumble upon your blog. Love the last picture of the heart.
Can't wait to follow you!