Monday Morning Happy

Good Morning Friends, how was your weekend? Were you part of the country who received buckets of snow or were you the part who received buckets of rain? I was on the rain side and to tell you the truth it was A-OK with me, sometimes a good rain day is what the soul needs!

This morning I wanted to share the gorgeously decorated home of Amy from ABCD Design! Can you tell she lives in a NYC studio? She has done an amazing job of making this large space feel like it has separate rooms. I am always talking with clients about items that "stop your eye" and this tree in the middle of the living room and bedroom does this perfectly! I also just adore her collection of sweet snow globes!

See the poster bed in the background? This is the gorgeous wreath just above it, the peacock feathers are a fantastic touch! When I worked at Ethan Allen I dreamed of a black poster bed just so I could decorate it for the holidays! Now Amy has reinvigorated that desire! Pop on over to Fifth Joy to see the interview Abby did with Amy and to see even more images of her beautiful home!

Enjoy the new week

(images via ABCDdesign and Fifth Joy)


Anonymous said...

the peacock wreath is so hot! love it, it feels like a breath of fresh air!

Emily A. Clark said...

Wow! That peacock wreath is beautiful.

Merry Christmas!

Abby @5thjoy said...

Julieann, thanks so much for the link! I'm so glad you found 5thjoy & ABCD Design - isn't Amy amazing??

Caitlin said...

Amy's studio feels so big - she has an incredible sense of style! Thanks for sharing this holiday inspiration.