Home Typography Tuesday

For those of you who are just joining me today, every Tuesday I combine my ridiculous love of typography and decor in a post named "Home Type Tuesday"! I scour my favorite shelter mags and blogs for images that combine my two loves. Today's image continues the theme of yesterday's post in "Design With What You Have'! We all have our favorite magazine covers and you know you have a stack of saved Dominos just collecting dust in the corner so why not show off those puppies with a little creative display? This is a good example of going all out for a big impact. The magazine covers and book spines are what take center stage here not any other little collectibles . So go ahead use the typography you have in your own house to create an interesting corner without spending a dime! Plus its a good looking storage solution! A double win in my book!

I hope to see you back next Tuesday for another Home Type Tuesday post! In the meantime jump over to Casa Sugar and vote RUE as your favorite online shelter magazine after all they are the fabulous people who supplied the above image! Thanks RUE girls for the inspiration!

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Zoe @ A Quick Study said...

Love this! I want some low bookshelves like that in our sunroom under the windows and I love the baskets on top.