Harpers Bazaar + Su Blackwell = Genius!

Sitting at the hairdressers flipping through the December issue of Harpers Bazaar I was stunned by the gorgeous images which accompany the table of contents. Su Blackwell's paper images blew me away! Paired with Cartier, Bulgari and Tiffany jewels...well it would be the perfect room to move into!!

I can't even believe the gorgeousness of this paper house, the architectural details alone are stunning! Though I would be more than happy to yank the wheels right off that carriage and put them on my ears!

Who wouldn't want a diamond bracelet for a rug or earrings as a pair of sconces?!

If I were to open my armoire to that ring... I would just faint!

Congrats to Harpers Bazaar for stepping outside of the norm and give a major dose of bling to their table of contents! To see even clearer photos pop over to Su Blackwell's website it is stunning!

(images from Curbed and my not so great iphone camera!)


Anonymous said...

gorgeous pictures! Loving all the white and the festive glitz, so perfect for the holidays!

Anonymous said...

Love these! Absolutely dreamy. I so wish I had the talent to do something like this!

Sarah Klassen said...

These are absolutely dreamy -- I could get lost here for quite some time...

Jessica Turnbow said...

How precious!