Monday Morning Happy!!

Good Morning! Can you believe it is November already? Even though it is getting colder November is one of my favorites months. Chunky sweaters, warm throws, the smell of fireplaces and many simple pleasures to be thankful for!

DressDesignDecor Raking Leaves
This weekend included 4hrs of raking leaves and I must admit I loved every single minute of it! Not only is it great exercise but I love the way a lawn looks after it is raked, so fresh and GREEN! It also reminds me of fall weekends from my youth where Mom and Dad would send their "3 healthy and able children" out to rake the yard. The chore was always made more fun with my brother blaring upbeat music and the idea of playing with the neighborhood kids once the yard was done!

I have two exciting bits of news to share later this week and hope you pop on back for more details! One is for local Mom's to be and the other will be a new "thankful" series of posts for this month!

Enjoy the new week,

(image from Dress Design Decor)


@linzlovesyou said...

Man, I want to be a "mom to be" just so I can take advantage of all the cool stuff you've been hinting at!

Anonymous said...

That's a great picture! Happy November!

Design Elements said...

wonderful image!