Home Typography Tuesday!

YAY! When I came across this photo I did a little jump for joy! Not only is it perfect for "Home Type Tuesday" it is the perfect mix of Urban, Rustic and Glam. I am hoping, that is a fabulous faux fur or at least that is what I chose to believe..imagine how cozy it would be to swing on that hammock? Even on a cool fall day it would be warm! You know now I will forever have my eye out at the flea markets for an oversized letter like this, I say it is love at first sight!


(image from The Beautiful Soup via Bijou Boheme)

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Jamie Herzlinger said...

The combination of styles really is what makes this space eye catching! The size and scale of that oversized letter with a modest hammock and luxurious fur is simply stunning. Thanks for sharing!

Jamie Herzlinger