Giving Thanks for Social Media Friends - Karen

Next up in our Thankful Series is Karen who I met during a whirlwind trip to NYC! Upon meeting her I was drawn to her optimistic attitude and her savvy business sense! Not to mention I am a HUGE fan of her linens! On my next trip to the City I hope to have more time to sit and chat with Karen.


I remember joining twitter thinking two things: what am I going to talk about? and.. How does this thing work? Seemingly overnight I happened upon a wonderful community of women (and a few gents) who have been cheerleaders, a generous support system, fellow foodies, and some who have often made me laugh til I cried. I am the owner of a textile and product design studio Hammocks & High Tea, based in Brooklyn, NY. I create bold, modern patterns infused with the spirit of my multi cultural Carribean upbringing and apply them to organic textiles, tabletop linens, pillows, and gifts.


As anyone can likely agree who is running a small business, it is at once hair raising delightful and stressful beyond measure. Twitter quickly became a place to find encouragement and a few laughs all in 140 characters. At some point interior designer Anishka Clarke (Ishka Designs) and I met up to talk about potentially working together in the future. I soon found out she is very much like her spaces: calm, cool, and collected. She has become my "industry events" buddy, someone to talk business and beyond with, and more importantly...a friend.

 This photo shows all my Brooklyn designing friends, all three of them wonderful and incredibly talented (Anishka Clarke, Malene Barnett, D Bryant Archie).

 I hope one day to invite my Social Media family to my Caribbean hideaway, where we'll dine family style mere steps away from the ocean's edge. You guys can have the run of the place.

You can find Karen on twitter here and Anishka on twitter here!

(images from Hammocks & High Tea, Elle Decor)


Erika Ward said...

I'd join you anywhere in the Caribbean! I've enjoyed following your successes, Karen. I'm one of your cheerleader rooting for you behind the scenes. So glad you could connect with someone like Anishka who understands your vision and support your dreams!

Hammocks & High Tea said...


I could have spent all day on this post! There are many to thank including your wonderful self.
@Erika- wish I had a home near you too, your support always brings a smile to my face.

my twitter peeps rock!

Danielle said...

I just stumbled on a Hammocks and High Tea Drawer Liner at Daily Grommet the other day... I'd never seen them before, they are beautiful!

And I agree about making connections on Twitter; I've gotten to connect with some really great, knowledgeable people I never would have met without it!

one sydney road said...

I love this series - it's so true how amazing social media has been - it's this big, supportive family!!

Karen your items are just lovely - I'm completely smitten with the sachets - I'm thinking they'd make the perfect gift!!