Giving Thanks for Social Media Friends - Chedva

First up is Chedva who I have become friends with via twitter. At times she is literally the first person I say good morning to as I am drinking my tea and checking emails! She is the perfect example of someone who I might never have "met" if not for Twitter! Let the thanking begin!

Hello, My name is Chedva and I write Belly's Button I fell in love with design blogs about a year and half ago, while planning the apartment we currently live in (I didn't have a clue about what I wanted and I was looking for inspiration). My blog is a mish-mash of what I love, but you can always expect to find there spaces with personality, books, design in Israel (where I live) and my weekly series, outfit with a past.
Sketch42 blog was not one of the first design blogs I read. It was pretty new when I started reading it, but Nicole's amazing taste and her approachable voice (plus her oodles of humor) made it one of the first blogs I ever dared to comment on. We continued to chat on twitter and email and we soon became friends. Nicole was the first to put Belly's Button on her blogroll, which felt like such a huge step back then, and she let me write a guest post for her when my blog had (maximum!) 5 readers. Once, when I was swooning over a pair of Designer's Guild pillows on Gilt and found out they didn't deliver overseas, Nicole offered to ship them to me herself (and she did).

Nicole and I have never met... yet, and I would love to meet her anywhere, but Ralph Lauren's dining room, Which Elle Decor featured on their October issue, seems perfect. The modern decor brings to mind Nicole's own gorgeous apartment, where industrial design meets timeless chic.


I have met (virtually or face to face) so many amazing people through blogging, and for that I am truly and deeply grateful. Thanks, Julieann, for giving me the opportunity to express that.

Thanks Chedva for being our first and for introducing us to Nicole! Click here to follow Chedva on twitter!

(image from Chedva and Elle Decor)


Sketch42 said...

OMG!!!!! I feel like I just got a love letter!

Seriously... Chedva- you are toooo kind!!!! And also, one of the sweetest people in blogland. For real.

Im really, truly touched and I cant wait to meet you when you come to NYC!

You are such a sweetheart... Im not over it..

Unknown said...

Wow! Loved reading this! The magic of social media times three! :)

Verdigris Vie said...

Great to meet Chedva - i am going to pop over to her blog..


Erika Ward said...

That was soo endearing. Great post Chedva!

designchic said...

Can't wait to meet Chedva...heading over now!! Thanks for sharing~

Chedva @Rooms and Words said...

Thanks for having me, Julie!
And Nicole- I can't wait either, it's going to be so much fun.