Sunday Shopping in NYC

They say Sunday is a day of rest...well if you are in NYC with limited time that is not the case! I spent the day in SOHO which is such a creative place, I literally could feel the creativity oozing out of every store and person for blocks! The day started at the super yummy Balthazar with my friend Betsy than the shopping began. One place I was determined to visit in person was CB2. I have only flipped through the catalog so to have an opportunity to sit, touch, and swivel pieces in real life was so worth it. Here are a few pieces I would not have looked twice at in the catalog but fell in love with in person!


I found the Clover Chair which will be perfect for a clients office. I love the idea of low seating and it is surprisingly comfortable!

Summer2010 477
The tableware in orange was super fun and festive for fall entertaining. Did I mention the prices, so inexpensive!

Than there was the shopping just for ME! These are just a few of my purchases. Once I arrived back at the hotel I realized I was in a tan/heather type of mood and apparently my purchases reflected that. Though the shoes eluded me as I looked in multiple stores for my size but no luck! They are truly the perfect neutral and so comfy!

Summer2010 483
The day ended with a fantastic meal at a little Italian Bistro. What could be better than having dinner with Cassandra and of course indulging in our love of olives! YUM!


Stephanie said...

Nice finds, and the window shot reminded me of one I took recently that I think you'll appreciate. I was up in Toronto (gorgeous city, BTW) and happened upon this window display for formal place settings - how lovely and amazing is this??

two shots:

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

I was just down there too and forgot the CB2 store is there! arg!! looks like you got some nice things :)

One Cheap B*tch said...

I live 45 minutes from NYC and I don't nearly get in there as often as I should! I miss shopping there with all the little outdoor sellers, kiosks, etc. And the little Italian bistros are always the best!