Kravet Social Media Panel and Design Boston

Last week the Boston Design Center held their annual Design Boston event. It is a time when designers come together, attend informative seminars and reconnect with each other. I was so honored to be asked by Kravet to be a part of their Social Media Panel. Kravet is far ahead of other companies in Social Media, they do an exceptional job of promoting themselves AND supporting designers! Not only was I excited to be on the panel with the super talented locals Melissa Gulley and Rachel Hazelton but also to reconnect with Beth Greene and Jennifer Powell of Kravet. Social Media (especially twitter) has opened so many doors for me that I was energetic in sharing my experience with the audience!

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The Kravet Showroom in the BDC always has the BEST windows, they are full of life and always a great example of mixing patterns and colors!

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Beth, Melissa, Me and Rachel answering question from the audience

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Melissa, Me and Jennifer click on their name and follow them on twitter!

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One of the greatest moments for me is meeting twitter followers in person like Beverly above!

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The next day New England Home Magazine planned a fantastic lunch for all the BDC designers! We chatted for hours about what projects we were working on and gathered tips from the oh so fabulous Stacy Kunstel, Homes Editor of NEH and Kyle Hoepner, Editor in Chief of NEH.

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Amy and Yvonne are 2 people I have been friends with on twitter and finally had the opportunity to meet in person! Here they are showing off their NateDay necklaces!

Summer2010 533
My fabulous friend and stylist Stacy who has just launched a new company Dunes and Duchess! Pop on over as I am sure you will be daydreaming of where to place her GORGEOUS candlesticks!

This post finally wraps up my whirlwind Boston to New York to Boston week. It was incredible and I feel so lucky to have met so many creative people and have so many amazing experiences!

(images from Stacy Kunstel and Jace Interiors)


Jennifer Powell said...

It is always great to see you but we were especially excited to hear you speak about your experience using social media, and can I just say, you're doing a FABULOUS job! Great post

Layers and Layers said...

gosh, its been a very busy social couple of weeks for you ... how fun :)

Jade @ Flip Flops + Pearls Design said...

That's great! I am a panelist for Kravet when they head down here to FL...very excited to be a part of it!!

Amy Chalmers said...

You did have a whirlwind, from New York to Boston! I love your positive view point Julieann.

Anonymous said...

I love seeing these photos and your recap of that great week. You, Melissa, Jennifer and Rachel did such a nice job on the panel. What really came across were your passion and sincerity—a great combination! I have Twitter to thank for all these great connections. Did I tell you that Jennifer and I started following one another on Twitter from our phones just minutes before you took the stage? Too funny.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and thanks so much for the Dunes and Duchess shout-out! We really appreciate it!

LindsB said...

I was suppose to come to this with Stephanie but we didnt end up making it- I'm so sad I missed your panel! You will have to be asked by them again soon so I can come this time :)

Cristin // Simplified Bee said...

I was on their panel in SF. So much fun! Love Jenn and the Kravet gang.


Yvonne Blacker said...

I really enjoy the BDC lecture series and love being able to connect with the talented creatives that make up our design community here in Boston. And to be able to put a voice with an online-face is such a pleasure!! See you again soon!

Verdigris Vie said...

This sounds so great. I can't think of anyone better to be on the a social media panel - you are great a nourishing social relationships.. And the best part - is meeting all those people you chit chat with...


Crystal @ Plush Palate said...

Julie, your career just keeps going up and up! I'm so proud of all you do and really look up to you! You're such an inspiration to me!


P.S. You look SO pretty in all the pics!!!