Color Time - Benjamin Moore Caribbean Breeze

This week's "Color Time" is inspired by one of the favorite sources for all things color, Maria over at Colour Me Happy. She is the quintessential color expert and if you have not been to her blog you should run over there now! She recently redesigned her office with bright pops of yellow and the perfect Tiffany Blue - Caribbean Breeze, isn't it just the happiest space! If this was my office I would not be so sad to see Summer leave as it would feel like summer year round as I worked!

Caribbean Breeze

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**Note: As you can see above the paint chip sample online looks different than what is in the actual room photo. When choosing paint for your own home never go by what you see online, the color will always be a tad different. I suggest picking up a small paint sample at the store and paint a color swatch in the actual room, than you will never be disappointed!

(images from Colour Me Happy and Benjamin Moore)


Maggie Rose said...

So pretty! Love the pop of yellow from the lamp too - a perfect complement!

Sarah Klassen said...

what a refreshing color scheme! It's both a bit of sunshine and cool, calm tranquility. I would be able to work very effectively in this space. It's interesting how colors can make a person feel... inspire, relax, invigorate, outrage, what have you -- this one is uplifting and lovely. Thanks for sharing -- I can't get over the curtains!

Hope you're having a delightful Thusday, xo

p.s thank you for such a sweet email! I was so surprised :)

Mary @ RoomPolish said...

I LOVE this color! It is the perfect color I've been looking for with a client project. Talk about good timing! Thank you! love your color features : )

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love Maria's blog, she's amazing! And how pretty is this office, my dream office come true!

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Swoon! I love this colour and just like Maggie, I'm feeling the yellow lamp! Deeeelicious!

###### said...

if only my hubby would allow..but my daughter has a similar color. i love her office.

Maria Killam said...

Thanks so much for the post on my office! I better tweet it next :)

franki durbin said...

There are so many factors that weigh in with paint. Sunlight, wall texture, method of application, room size, number of coats, wall size. I agree with you so much, pick up a sample! It never looks like that perfect little swatch. :)