Monday Morning Happy!

Morning! How was your weekend? Did you enjoy one of the last full weekends of summer?

We had the most fabulous few days and it was all spent at home exploring the city! Sometimes it is the best to just stay in your own neighborhood...than again my neighborhood consists of many city blocks!

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An example of what the buildings around my neighborhood look like! The architecture is always so inspiring to me!

Last night I watched The Emmy's and enjoyed every single moment, I must admit it was the best awards show I have viewed in recent memory. In my opinion Jimmy Fallon and Neil Patrick Harris should be the only 2 people to ever host an awards show, they are just hilarious! OK now back to the important part....the dresses. I was extremely happy to see so much Navy on the red carpet. Lately it has been the one color that is prominently on my mind. The ladies over on twitter completely agree and we had a great chat about it. Some want to pair it with coral, gold or crisp whites. I still love it classically with a camel color or punch it up with a deep purple!
Below are 2 fantastic examples and 2 perfectly different shades.

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Another reason I am ecstatic over Navy was the fact that I picked up this $20 table on Saturday and plan to paint it a high gloss navy. Vog thinks I am nuts but I already see it, with the sweet curved top and turned legs, it's literally going to pop! Plus it will be the perfect addition to my navy and aqua colored bedroom...which now I am contemplating fall and turning it into a navy and camel colored room with purple accents!

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Oh $20 bedside table, I will love you even more when you are Navy!

So that was a little recap of my weekend! I hope you all had fun too!
Enjoy the new week,

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Chedva @Rooms and Words said...

It's stunning! And blue is my favorite color... particularly navy.

Connie @ Sogni e Sorrisi said...

I was definitely feeling the navy on the red carpet. Juliana Marigules dress was apparently also navy and I liked the blue of January Jones' dress, too, if not the dress itself.

Jessica Nichols said...

Love it! What is your favorite navy paint? :)

Jill Jameson said...

Hi create girl! Love your passion for navy color, I think that's a perfect tone for the beginning of fall. (and the award show dresses are amazing!)About your bedside table, good job on the bargain, only $20? Can't wait for the after photos when you are doing with the paint job, I think it will look really good, plus it will contrast great with your area rugs if they look like the ones on your pic. Thanks for sharing, look forward to your future posts :)

Layers and Layers said...

Cannot wait to see it done! Yay blue. Both of those dresses are to die for....had fun chattin with all of you last night on all the emmy shannigans. Wish there were more of those Live broadcasts we could all chime in on ;-)

Maggie Rose said...

Love the dresses (I was smitten with the sparkly ones as well!) but sadly I missed the Emmys themselves.

I was JUST saying I wanted to paint a craigslist secretary desk high gloss navy (was begging my facebook friends in the area to buy it, as I have no space for it). They didn't really get the painting thing, but I'm glad you know what I'm talking about!

Halie said...

Please do post an "after" picture. That table will be stunning in navy! What a great find for $20!!!

Creategirl said...

Thanks all for the comments! I will be sure to post pictures after the table is to find a spare day to actually do it!