Home Typography Tuesday Via Ballard Design

Oh my goodness, have you all seen the new Ballard Designs Catalog? It is rare I actually sit down the day I receive a catalog in the mail but when this pretty pink covered one arrived something told me to stop and take a look. As we know a big trend for this season is typography and Ballard Designs shows it in full force. I am in love with all the pieces but here are a few of my favorites!

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This Document Brown Fabric created from vintage documents can be ordered by the yard and used on upholstery and lamp shades!

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Paris Places Print - The oversized (72h x 36w) canvas print lists Paris train stations and could work in many room styles!

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Le Poeme Rug has been a piece I have adored for a while now. Pop on over to the website to read the life meaning behind this gorgeous accent. It is also available with a soft denim blue font!

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If you are looking to add just a small dose of typography take a peek at all the Ballard Design Pillows especially these fun Hollywood options!

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As if you took it direct from the dictionary this giclee print will jazz up any laundry room. They also offer ART, COFFEE and my favorite SUGAR!

Could you see yourself using any of these pieces in your own home? Did you enjoy the new Ballard Designs Catalog as much as I did?

(images from Ballard Designs)


Emily A. Clark said...

Well, why haven't I gotten my Ballard catalog yet? :) Looks like some great new stuff. Can't wait to see.

The Hip Hostess said...

Uh, oh... tossed my Ballard Designs catalog out! What was I thinking? This is all so "just my style." I've really got my eye on the Parisian train stops sign.

Stephanie Sabbe said...

You love font! Can't wait to see the cottage you are working on. We still need to do lunch sometime!

Creategirl said...

Thanks for the comments ladies!! The digital version of the catalog is online and the best part about is, when you click the sky it will bring you right to the piece on the website! Thanks Stephanie I do love my font : )

samia said...

la poeme rug is a novelty!! just hopping over to hte site to see what else can be done with it