Table It - Spot on Perch

Sometimes you find the best home pieces in the most unexpected places. The other night I was faced with another dinner to make and another need for something more exciting than chicken! Flipping through Cooking Light I stumbled upon these SWEET Spot Bowls from Perch!. Helloooo Fabulous! They are the perfect size for an ice cream treat, a great hostess present to hold jewelry or a place for me to leave my keys when I walk in the door. The colors are happy and with that gentle "swoop" how can one not fall for them? The turquoise has promptly been placed on my wish list, is it too early to start thinking of Birthday presents? Never!

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(image via Cooking Light & Perch)


paislea said...

these are perfect. and oh so cute! i would love one for my rings!! they're scattered all about my home. hahh.

Chedva @Rooms and Words said...

I agree! It's never too early to think about birthday presents, and these bowls are lovely.

LindsB said...

mmmm, I'd like some ice cream right now please :)

DesignTies said...

These bowls are so cute!! I might have to put the turquoise one on my birthday present list too!! :-)


Sarah Klassen said...

They most certainly are! I adore them! I must feature this (and your blog) tomorrow in my Monday's finds -- this is a lovely one -- I really enjoy the shape and fun colors.

Hope you had a fantastic weekend :)