Color Time - Sherwin Williams Sea Salt

It's Color Time and I am so excited to share this week's pick with you! When I saw this foyer on the Coastal Homes website I almost fell off the sofa, hello lovey! Isn't it just the perfect color for a beach house? It is so...well, "Sea Salt"!

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Check back this afternoon for a tour of this incredible beach house, it is truly breath taking!

**Note: As you can see above the paint chip sample online looks different than what is in the actual room photo. When choosing paint for your own home never go by what you see online, the color will always be a tad different. I suggest picking up a small paint sample at the store and paint a color swatch in the actual room, than you will never be disappointed!

- Sorry for the delay, the 2nd part of this post will be up tomorrow - technology likes to work against me sometimes!!

(images via Coastal Home/TMS Architects)


Chedva @Rooms and Words said...

Beautiful. Reminds me of Celerie Kemble @ Domino.

paislea said...

This is gorgeous. I love that color.


Mary @ RoomPolish said...

Love this color! It's like a very very toned down tiffany blue, which is one of my favey colors in the whole world. Lovely! And you're so right about colors being diff. on the computer screen. good tip!

Anonymous said...

That is the exact color of the unseen horizon line between sky and sea on a ferry crossing to Nantucket. I happen to love it, but am unsure about having the color in house.

TLC_Designs said...

Lovely! I like the heavy moulding around the ceiling that follows along the underside of the staircase. The colours are super beachy and relaxing - I wish I was there right now!

Thanks for the eye-candy :) Can't wait to see the rest (let me know when it's posted).


The Hip Hostess said...

Big thumbs up for this color, I have almost the exact shade in our bedroom & bath with lots of white trim and white furniture. Chose it, because it just seems so serene to me. Gorgeous!

Caitlin said...

What a beautiful color! It's perfect for a house like this next to the ocean. Great find!!

LindsB said...

really beautiful color!