Rest & Relaxtion = Rejuvenated & Refreshed

Hi All!
I have just returned from my fantastic long weekend vacation! Every vacation I have taken up to this point had to do with weddings, family reunions or work related trips with a bit of time off thrown in so this trip was extra special! The resort we stayed at was brand new and just gorgeous. We spent 3 days moving from beach, to pool, to spa, than dinner only to repeat it all the next day. I have many pictures to share especially of all the new furniture the resort spec'd it was all just fantastic and I was constantly leaping with joy as I found a new piece I just loved.

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This was the private pool at the spa. Look at the architecture, isn't it just fabulous? I felt like I had been swept away to some Mediterranean country!

Over the next few days I will post photos here and over on Facebook. Are you following me over there? Please do, I would be so happy to share additional vaca pics with you!


Sarah Klassen said...

This is just beautiful! I want to dive into this lovely photo and spend the afternoon here... I'm so glad you had a wonderful and much-deserved time away to vacation!


Yelena said...

Wow. that is beautiful!
i need a vacation like that, preferable there! it looks so relaxing! im excited for you.
and i cant wait to see more photos! :)