Escaping Cape Cod Style

With this being the first week of Summer I can predict exactly what will happen come Friday afternoon. The city will feel lighter and quieter because everyone will have escaped to Cape Cod! We are so lucky living here in Boston as just a few short, albeit traffic filled hours away is a little slice of beach heaven. This house I found over at Veranda is the perfect visual story of a Cape Cod Home. Classic Cape elements include white beadboard, blue & white striped fabrics, sisal and hooked rugs, driftwood & nautical accents, wicker and anything light colored pine wood! As with most homes on the Cape, this one was in the architects family for decades and was much smaller. With generations of the family now enjoying the summer in the home they decided to renovate, below is the gorgeous result!

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Veranda CC

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How about we all meet on the beach?


Lindsey said...

gorgeous! ready for the beach today ;)

Jade @ Flip Flops + Pearls Design said...

That house is beautiful! I like how it looks casual and inviting, everything a beach house should be!

Yelena said...

wonderful images.
i haven't been to the beach in years! :( i miss it so much! i hope to schedule a trip soon! :)

Super Burbs said...

This is literally my taste to a tee - comfortable but put together! Lovely post!!!

Patricia said...

beautiful! Need some serious TLC for my future home decorating and planning.

Julie Q said...

this has been bookmarked as a fav :) :) :)

Caitlin said...

I miss living on the East Coast and going to the Cape. My family used to go to Chappaquiddick . . . oh how I miss those days. There is nothing like it on the West Coast.

Punctuation Mark said...

beautiful house!!! have a nice one!!!

Jessica Turnbow said...

Perfect vacation home, so dreamy! :)