Monday Morning....Happy?


Hi Friends!
How was your weekend? After 3 weeks of non stop work my body just had enough and promptly told me so. Immediately after completely a photo shoot of my latest house project on Friday, my sinus' filled up, a cough took over and my head felt like it was going to I finally gave in. I took the weekend and let the boy tend to every call for tissues, tea, blankets and extra pillows. Unfortunately that meant we missed out on a family dinner and a precious little girls 1st bday party but when your body has other plans for you than you just have to listen and stay in bed!

So please let me live through you, did you work on any creative projects this weekend?
Enjoy the new week,

(image via emily hunt on tumblr)


Gracefully Vintage said...

You Poor thing. I think for many of us creative gals, we are non stop going, in many differ directions at times-our minds just work faster than we can-And getting sick is our Bodies way of saying sit still -i mean it-and when we dont- we get sick-so we are forced to sit.
GEt Better Soon.. Love your Blog-Ideas...

Creategirl said...

So true Karryann! My mind WAS working at a speed my body could not keep up with especially when we are business owners and always looking for the next project. Thanks for visiting and the comment!