For the Love of Your Home - Chez Liu

This afternoon's "For The Love of Your Home" guest post will be from the Christine Liu, aka the girl who knows everything about events in Boston! Not only is she super stylish & energetic but she is also the Boston Citysearch Editor. Please say hello!

Ever since I've seen one propped up in a showroom, I've been obsessed
with the oversized, as-if-stolen-from-the-circus, exposed-bulb letters framed in galvanized steel.

As both a typographic fiend and a hyper-organized minimalist, I've transferred my carnal carny lust to these enormous Swiss-designed alphabet structures that do double duty as sleek shelving and storage. What's more fancy than fontage as furniture, especially when you can also indulge in geeky territorializing? Consider the unabashed installation of CHEZ LIU a declaration of love.

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(images from SET26 & Megan Lee Katauskas/Craftzine)


Angela said...

Oooooo! I want one of those letter cabinets. Do I have to go to Germany to get one?

wishful nals said...


Yelena said...

love the huge letters..and as storage compartments as well??? fabulous!!! wow. :)

Jessica Nichols said...

I think I am hallucinating. These awesome letters open to reveal awesome storage?!!! I think I need a nap, this is too much excitement for me today. :)

Creategirl said...

Thanks Christine, clearly these letters are a hit! Now to find an affordable source in the States!!