How To Thursday - Shop your house

When you have a Snowed in Saturday like this......

......what else is there to do but organize and move around furniture in your house? Well that is exactly what I did this past weekend, it felt SO good to organize a few rooms! It's as if I am
starting the year off with a clean slate. After the purge was complete, I focused on a little redesign of my bedroom.

*First I decided where I wanted to move my bed and other pieces I knew I would keep in there than I decided what pieces I could swap out.

*Next I walked through the house looking at every piece of furniture with an "outside eye". It's great to scout for new pieces within your own house.

*I found a small wooden (no upholstery so items can sit easily) accent chair in the Living Room which I decided to use for a side table and moved a lamp from the office to the bedroom. I stacked 3 coffee table books on the seat just to give the lamp some height.

*Colorful fabric boxes that were in the closet were pulled out and added to the bookcase for a bit of brightness! I also moved all the books stacking horizontal and vertical to create some interest.

Its amazing what a few new pieces (those that don't cost anything) can do for a new outlook in the same room. Now I love the "newness" feel and it's the room I want to spend all my time in!
Below are a few bedside table examples. The key is to think outside the box, nothing should be permanent!

luggage propped up on wooden blocks with a tray on top

do you have a small chest of drawers in an entry way or even in the BR you could multiple use as storage and a bedside table?

this small table could have been taken from a living room or even another BR it is a sweet little piece that could be used in multiple rooms!

Have you "shopped" in your own house lately? Do you love the feel of a room when you move the furniture around to create a new space?

(images from Jace Interiors, House Beautiful and Better Homes and Garden)


Chroma Lab said...

Moving around my furniture and other home decor stuff is probably my favorite past time. I've realized I had been doing it unconsciously as the seasons change. I try to get my friends to let me do it, too!

Vanessa Stern said...

I love the navy and white striped bedding with the grays! So comfy and cozy, and masculine chic!


Kimberly Merritt said...

Doesn't it feel good? I find once I start packing up the Christmas decorations, I just keep on going and toss and move, toss and move. I may have to get up and do it now!

::levina:: said...

love the idea of "shopping" around your own the space a new look w/o spending as much.

Null said...

I am keen on moving pieces around, yet never realized that I was effectively "shopping my closet," repurposing the old to make new. I think I will look at what I'm doing in a different way, which ought to inspire more movement in the future;-)

Apt. #34 said...

that top pic is such a great idea

Kristin said...

Oh how I should have done this when the snow was falling! I do love to shuffle things around. Great ideas!

Creategirl said...

so glad I am not the only one that loves to move furniture around. After my bedroom, I am now working on the Living room...never ending and I love it!!
Thanks for the comments ladies : )