Color Time - Violet Dusk

This year I am adding a new topic to our CreateGirl List called "Color Time". Often when I choose a color for a clients home, I will scour the internet for a room example with that color. I have learned it is so much easier to convey the appeal of a perfect tone if you can provide a visual. So as I come across colorful rooms I will post them with the hopes of inspiring you as well. After all the most affordable way to change a room is with paint!

Benjamin Moore Violet Dusk

Please feel free to start a comment conversation if you have used this color or find "Color Time" helpful! thanks!

(image from Country Living)
**Always remember to sample a color before painting, computer screens can vary in tone


Yelena said...

I think "Color Time" will be a very helpful and convenient addition! :)

maiah said...

I went through a phase where my room HAD to be painted a shade of light purple. Upon hitting my teens, I rebelled and went to stark white. This post makes me think purples might be making a comeback for me. Looking forward to the "Color Time" series!