Shop Boston Etsy Designers

In November I was asked by Stuff Magazine to pick a few of my favorite local Etsy Designers to be featured in a shopping article! I was so honored and was even happier to see Marni Katz's write up. Below are the artists and a few additional items from their stores along with 2 other Etsy Designers I really like. In true affordable CreateGirl style all items are under $55. Check them out. Etsy is a great easy and quick way to support your local Designers!!

Woof pillow from BumbleBellyDesigns $40

Cheap Date Jewelry Recycled Guitar String Earrings $22

The truth is told by Chris Piascik - Gocco Print $15

Chroma Lab Orange Burst Clock - its like a bit of sunshine! $45

Blooming Pillows from Two Yellow Shoes $55 (set of 2)

eThreads recycled t-shirt bag $19 (you can even send in that beloved worn tshirt to have it!)


Blair Friedeman said...

Oh love those pillows and what lovely earrings!!

Julie Q said...

the irony is: i want that dog pillow so bad, but my dogs would destroy it by playing tug of war :(
congrats again on being featured!

LindsB said...

Love this list, the earrings are great for a date night!

Anonymous said...

I wonder how my husband's 30 year old Qucksilver shorts he still wears would look as a man purse?

Creategirl said...

Thanks for the comments! I want one of everything especially the WOOF pillow and the earrings..maybe Santa will hear me??

annelise said...

I want those earrings and I don't even have pieced ears!