Moving In with Plush Palate

**Please Welcome Crystal, she is an absolute sweetheart. I "met" her over on twitter and immediately fell in love with her style. To make this new meeting even better, it turns out she grew up with one of my friends here in Boston. It can be such a small wonderful world!**

Hi everyone, it's Crystal and I blog over at Plush Palate, a style, fashion, and interiors blog. I'm thrilled to be contributing to CreateGirl today and to meet all of you! Recently I moved into a new apartment and Julieann has graciously invited me to share a few tips I've picked up along. Moving can be an overwhelming and daunting task, so I've learned to keep it simple!

1. Design in Stages
If you're like me, you want every room perfect on day 1 and loathe the idea of living in a half finished home. But since our budgets don't always allow for this, patience is key. When we collect furniture and decor overtime as we find those pieces that truly speak to us, the end result is a much more thoughtful design that truly reflects our personality and style.

2. Recreate High-End Looks on Budget
Don't we all wish we had an endless budget when it comes to decorating our homes? I know I do! Lucky for us, there are more and more budget friendly shopping destinations investing more into creating affordable and stylish designs. I love scouring the pages of Elle Decor and House Beautiful to pick up ideas and then keep my eyes open to see if I can re-create the looks for less. The bed above via Elle Decor likely cost thousands of dollars. Below I found one that achieves the same look at Ikea for only $279!

3. Pre-used Is Sometimes Better Than New

When trying to fill a space, we don't always have to find something new. Sometimes it's as simple as pulling a piece out of storage and sprucing it up a bit with some new paint or hardware. In my case, I was in desperate need of a new duvet cover. Instead of heading to the store to purchase something, I first asked my mom if she happened to have an extra one. To my delight, she had a gorgeous, white duvet she had gotten on a trip to Europe just sitting in a linen closet. Generously she passed it down to me. It's prettier and of higher quality than anything I could have found new in a store! So, don't be afraid to ask friends and family if they have something you could use. You might just be surprised :)


And Kathleen said...

#1 (paired with #3) is SO SO important. I have so many girlfriends that want to celebrate a new space with all new furniture but it winds up looking very off-the-rack and a little cold. Love the post!

Crystal @ Plush Palate said...

Thanks so much for having me as a guest today! I can't wait to hear more tips from the others as well! Enjoy your time away :)

Arianna Belle said...

Great tips! Love the white four poster bed frame from Ikea! :)

Sarah Klassen said...

Great tips, Crystal! I totally agree with all of your points. It is vital that you don't settle on pieces just to fill a void. Great advice ~ asking a family member is a smart idea ~ and you could even swap for awhile and lend them something of yours :)

vosgesparis said...

you are so right that sometimes a look can be created with things we already have or just by budget shopping at Ikea. And especially the look of old and new does the thing for me ;)

Robin said...

Those are fantastic tips. I especially agree with giving to life to an old piece of furniture. I do that regularly, for fun, and to sell. It’s something that I plan on adding to my blog one day, “befores and afters”. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the tips and I think it’s a entry idea!