A soothing white getaway by the bay

This home in Chesapeake Bay Maryland is perfectly fitted for a weekend of relaxation. The white walls and furniture play off the dark wood floors in a way that creates a calm atmosphere with just a flair of sophistication. The open kitchen and living areas beg to be entertained in with their easy flow into one another. By the end of the day there would be no better place to relax than under the pergola on the deck. Drinks, please!

great computer nook in the kitchen, not to mention an adorable pupper too!

(images from traditional home)


Julie Q said...

Pictures like these are why I work.. to someday achieve a vacation home like this :) :)

Anonymous said...

I would love to do this to my backyard. I have a 6x6 concrete landing when you open my back door and then eight brick steps with wrought iron railings. My husband and I built our house when we were 28. We didn't think this far ahead. I could kick myself now.

This is the look I want! When you get to the bottom of the steps we have a large stamped concrete patio. We were thinking of just putting brick pillars and then white colums on top and then building the top part. I dont know? There is so much to do!

Ladydi, Your Stylefeeder friend