Forever 21 comes home!

It was inevitable, Forever 21 is expanding into the Home Scene. From what I read over at the Budget Fashionista they will launch their home line later this year. What are your thoughts on this? Should they just stick to inexpensive trendy clothes or will they succeed like Urban Outfitters has? I have to admit I am a bit skeptical, as you know CreateGirl appreciates and craves affordable design but I want pieces that will last, even if they are a bit trendy. I will wait to form an opinion until I touch and feel the product, afterall that is the true test. Hopefully they will have a line of fun accents like pillows, wall decor and mirrors! I must admit I am a fan of Forever 21's accessories! I own this ring on the left and am always questioned on where it is from. It is a fantastic accent and for $4 you can afford to just wear it a few times! It is the perfect dress up to a simple outfit!

These are a few of my new favorite accessories. An easy way to make a statement with a simple summer tank top!

What do you think about Forever 21 expanding into the Home Market?

(images from Forever 21)


Sarah Branum said...

I had no idea Forever 21 was expanding into the Home Market. I love this store. I am sure there will be some great finds in their store like you find in Target, Ikea and Urban Outfitters.

Leyla said...

Oh my! You just made my day! I just hope that it'll be available in Canada as well, or at least to purchase online. I LOVE Forever 21 clothes & accessories. I'm so excited...Almost as equally excited as about Jimmy Choo's new designs for H&M =)