To the head of the class!!

As I posted about 4 weeks ago I have been enrolled in an amazing online course called "Blogging Your Way". Holly from Decor8 was our fantastic leader and I learned more than I could ever pass on! Honestly I had never participated in an online class and was not sure how it would work out for me but I have to say it was perfect. It was such an encouraging supportive, creative group of people I felt like I could share ideas and be comfortable with all the feedback. To say I am going to miss my classmates is an understatement. To show my gratitude would you mind if I share a few of my favorite new blogs? Please take a minute to visit them and say hello!

As you know I am passionate about supporting the locals so here are 2 of my favorite new MA bloggers!
Show them some love, please!

Studio G is a very inspiring blog! I love to read blogs and immerse myself in a topic I do not know much about. If you are like me and wish you had a green thumb click on over to Rochelle's Landscaping blog you will be so happy you made the trip!!

fresh 365 is a vegetarian cooking blog and everytime I pop on over I want to run to my kitchen! The next recipe try for me is the Chickpea Pattie with Arugula, yum!

New Blogging Friends

Dress, Design & Decor is a fabulous Canadian blogger whose posts are always full of interesting images and 3 of my very favorite topics all in one place! I love being exposed to items outside of the US!

Jennifer Squires is an amazing photographer! If you need a break and just want some visual happiness jump on over, it will become a wonderful daily time out.

If you are a book lover click over to the Plankje Ongeregeld
theCre8ive blog just started a new series "Wishlist Wednesdays" a staple for the week!
For all you scrapbooking lovers out there we have New Beginnings, just lovely!

If you ever have the chance to take an online class especially if you are one who works at home, alone most of the day I say JUMP at the chance! It is incredibly rewarding and you make some great new friends along the way!


Daniella said...

Thank you so much for the shoutout! That's so sweet! I have to do my homework this weekend, lol.

Jennifer Squires Ross said...

Thank you so much for including my blog here! I'm honoured! There were so many great bloggers in our class. It was a very inspiring experience!

Plankje said...

I'm absolutely chuffed to be mentioned here, thank you! The class really was a wonderful experience, and I've met so many lovely new bloggers in the process too.
Congratulations on graduating Julie!-)

fresh365 said...

Hi! What a wonderful surprise to be part of your list- thanks so much! I am really enjoying going through everyone's blogs as well. Hopefully we can do a Boston meetup this summer...