Monday Morning Happy!

This is more like an afternoon happy as I am getting a rather late start today! How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun? I was finally able to do something I have been wanting to do for MONTHS. I enlisted the help of a fantastic photographer friend to take shots of a beautiful Victorian house project I had just completed. To say I was a nervous wreck the last few days would be an understatement. I wanted every single detail; pillow, vase, picture to work perfectly in the space. It all came together seamlessly and I could not have been any more excited! It's also a great reminder of how important a supportive friend can be when you are in the midst of a big project and need someone to say breathe everything is great!! Now I can't wait to see the pictures so I can share them with all of you!!

The photo above is one I saw over at Kodak. It is such an amazing shot and one that marks the end of my beloved Celtics Basketball season here in Boston. Now I am looking forward to next season!
Hope this is a fantastic week for everyone!

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