Glass and Steel = a warm house!

Take a look at this 60's inspired space I just saw over at Veranda! Isn't it nice to see a single level house? The floor to ceiling windows are just gorgeous, effortlessly begging the outside to come in. The homeowner was down sizing and "longed for uncomplicated, practical interiors but with high notes of elegance." I would say the architect, Richard Zingale and designer Sandra Chancey succeed. Each room blends seamlessly into the next with its subtle but rich fabrics of silk, linen and suede. This is a great example how clean lines and neutral fabrics can still provide a warm and inviting atmosphere.

These Holly Hunt Chairs are striking with the contrast of warm wood and bright white leather

Every bath should have a Caboche Chandelier hanging over it, just a little mood lighting!

The home design was inspired by Pierre Koenig's 1960's "Modernist glass-and-steel-frame houses"

(images and quotes from Veranda)


Verdigris Vie said...

This is such a great space ! So open, clean and clutter free. I can't wait til the downsizing stage of my life.. for now it's upsizing.. with kids fast growing.. all i can think of is more room ...


Gaia said...

I like it a lot!
I love the big windows especially in the bedroom!
Thanks for your comment.
have a nice weekend! What are you going to do?

Lexi said...


I first wanted to thank you for the great comments you left on my blog, Love.Obsess.Inspire.

Second, what wonderful spaces (I want to move in). I am obsessed. Great find!

Have a great weekend!

Lexi :)

leslie said...

DREAMY...yet another fabulous house for me to drool over. Your eye for these homes is inspiring!

Creategirl said...

Hi Ladies! I am so glad you like this space. I felt like it was a visual break with it's uncluttered look and large windows! I would love this to be a vacation home, a great place to regroup! Thanks for the comments!