Monday Morning Happy!

How was your weekend? Hopefully it was fun and filled with family. We enjoyed an Easter feast cooked up by my Mom, it was DELICIOUS! Today's Monday picture is just for her, since she loves tulips! I am excited to start another fun week of the online class and begin on a new client project.

The "Cute picture of the week" is the absolutely adorable Miss. Miley. She is the new addition to my friend Mike's family. In the picture she looks so posh with her fuscia collar, lounging on her black and white chaise! Love it! You can check out a few more pics over at his blog here.

Enjoy the new week

(images from Martha Stewart)


Karen said...

Your blog is just wonderful - I am so glad that I found it. I will definitely be one of your 'followers' -

Anonymous said...

Lovely settings for a fall wedding.
Love the china.

Anonymous said...

the dog is very cute!!

Creategirl said...

thanks Karen!

How very said...

Love the pink and orange table decorations, very inspirational.