Budget Friendly Wall Decor Ideas - Kids Room

Wall Decals are the perfect way to decorate and they are inexpensive! I love the idea you can remove them easily and as the kids grow change them out. A quick tip when hanging the stickers is to make sure they are "attached" to the pieces of furniture. This will connect the pieces and create a easy flow or "story"Above you can see they have done this with the Bee buzzing close to the chair and crib! Perfect!

A simple molding strip with tacks attached create an instant gallery look for your child's artwork.

I love purchase really nice frames and display the budding artists artwork! It is such a joy to have pieces to show off in a nice decorative way. The difficult part is swapping them out from time to time. There are so many good options!

(images from weegallery.com, cookie magazine)


Unknown said...

Indeed, murals and wall stickers are the best and most inexpensive ways of decorating kids room.

As a parent, you’ve probably built lots of castles in the air, fondly imagining what the room might look like.

And when your kid comes – well, the little bundle of joy will be too young to understand anything right then, but will appreciate the bright colors.

Adriana said...

Lovely picture of wall decoration!! Baby room wall decor is my favorite!!