Sis Boom Happy!

Over the weekend I was scouting Sew Mama Sew, and stumbled upon the lovely fabrics of Jennifer Paganelli. This lady is uber creative! Her fabrics ooze what I would describe as sunshine happy! Most have unique color combinations which she credits as an outcome of living in places like New England, the Caribbean and NYC. "Modgirls, Pretty Please and Dance with Me" are just a few of her fabric collections over at her company Sis Boom. Of course I now have to investigate this creative force further and I find she has a blog and a flickr account! Sweet, now I feel like I know here even better!

Jennifer's fabrics have been described as "More of a mash up that makes you think, dream and take risks! She’s looking for color warping, shape shifting experiences for her customers that have been described as offbeat and eclectic combinations that are like an over-caffeinated and charged up version of real life."

These just shout summer happy! I see pillows and napkins/tablecloths in these bright fun colors!

Along with her fantastic fabrics she also sells adorable tunics like the one displayed in the "Cute Picture of the Week". Above are a few of her fabric boxes and she also creates fantastic aprons, perfect for any gift! Now that I have fallen in love, I just need to decide what fabric to purchase for fun summer pillows. My sofa is a neutral tan so I can go in any direction, do you have a favorite?

Go get yourself a little sunshine over at the Sis Boom website! I promise it will brighten your day!

(images from Sis Boom)


Anonymous said...

great fabrics, very colourful!

Jennifer Paganelli said...

I can't thank you enough for such a marvelous post!!! So incredibly fortunate to be mentioned here! xoxo Jennifer

knack said...

oooh what lovely fabrics and a beautiful post!

Thanks so much for the awesome email and for adding knack to your favs! I'm going to turn right around and put your link in my fav section!!

Take care! xo