Peaking in the windows of the Transit Building

The building above sits stately on the corner of Newbury Street and Mass Ave in Boston. It's absolutely one of my favorite structures, it blends the old and new seamlessly. Adding to the appeal is the fact the 1918 building received a face lift by the famed Frank Gehry in 1987. He added the top 2 stories along with the parapet and copper struts. Luckily for us, designer Meichi Peng (one of my local favs!) and Boston Home paired up to give us a sneak peak into this amazing space! Peng designed the handsome condo below. With it's minimalist decor and dark finishes it is absolutely stunning!

imagine unwinding to this gorgeous city view every night?

18ft high ceilings with a custom bookshelf spanning 2 floors

minimal decor and furniture create a calm bedroom environment. take note, the only pattern in this room is from the accent pillows on the bed, very serene

the dark floors throughout give off a sophisticated warm feeling

the glass banister adds to the illusion of a floating staircase

(images from Boston Home and


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Is this the old Tower Records Building?