A new view - EA

I popped over to Ethan Allen today and was so excited to see they had finally updated their website. I could not be happier!! It is now filled with bright, LARGE photos and great examples of their pieces used in actual room settings. Their new ad campaign is fantastic, very hip and modern. For decades EA was considered to be old colonial furniture but in the last 10 years they have completely revamped their line and image. I am a big believer in mixing expensive and inexpensive items together. For instance if you absolutely love a custom sofa from EA, go for it, just pair it with a less expensive entertainment unit and accents. Here are a few of my favorite images and as you can see they have a collection for all styles!

Villa - New Country bi-fold media cabinet

Global - British Classic Plantation Bed.
This has been a favorite piece for years, the number of looks that can be created with this bed are endless AND it feel like you are in a tropical hideaway!

Metro - Collectors Classics Sawhorse Desk

Park Place - Modern Glamour Dining

Metro - Savvy Living Room (including my favorite sofa, the Avanti)

Have you been into an Ethan Allen lately? Do you have a favorite piece or collection?

(all images from Ethan Allen)


la linda said...

I LOVE EA! Their Manhattan design center is gorgeous and their custom fabric selection is HUGE. I just bought a custom designed Avanti sofa in delft blue with navy blue contrast welting and I'm dying for it to arrive (only 6 more weeks). In this economy, you either change with the times or you fold, thankfully, I think we'll have EA for a while longer.

Creategirl said...

Thanks for the comment. Please send a picture when you receive your sofa! I have admired the Avanti for years, the clean lines and wood accent is so beautiful.