Wallpapering with Target

Did you know Target sells wallpaper? To be honest, I didn't, but I am glad to see they have some nice designs at affordable prices. While scouting through the new "Home Design Event" (just to see if there really were any great design bargains) I stumbled upon a few interesting prints.

Floral Trail Chocolate

Solitude Spearmint

Navonna Bitter Chocolate

Sprig Mocha

Elizabeth Pink/Silver (also available in black)

There are a few great options, for an office I like the Navonna or a little girls room with the Elizabeth. Though my favorite might just be the Floral Trail Chocolate. Sometimes Target can truly surprise me!
What do you think? Do you like these prints?

(images from Target)


Diana Strinati Baur said...

I DO like them! Thank you for posting this -- who knew? I especially like things that make design accessible to the majority of people (that's actually similar to the IKEA philosophy, word for word) and these are a perfect example. Good Post!

Chelsea said...

I'd seen some of their wallpaper but these look like new designs. that last ones is SOOO pretty. I've been thinking about wallpapering one wall in my little studio and I keep going back to pink!