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Happy New Week!

I have just been reminded once again what an amazing community the blogging world is. As I was searching for the "Cute Picture of the Week" I jumped over to Cookie Magazine where they are counting down the top 10 house tours of 2008. This adorable little red head caught my eye, she is part of the Nielson Family. This is where it gets interesting, as I clicked on her Mom's blog I am overwhelmed with this incredible story. Stephanie, the mom of three little ones is the author of the NieNieDialogs. It is an absolutely adorable blog of this mom and her adventures of raising children. Her house is perfectly lovely and she has a great talent for using found items and meaningful mementos to design her rooms. For instance below she uses sweaters her grandmother knitted (and her mom shrank!!) as decoration on the babies crib! Too sweet and very thoughtful!

The real story unravels as I continue to read. Stephanie and her husband were in a terrible plane accident and were both severely burned back in August. The blog has continued by readers "reposting" their favorite entries and what that post meant to them. I was completely moved by the devotion of her readers and their commitment to keeping the blog going until Stephanie will be able to post again. Through these blogs, which each of us slave over to create informative, interesting posts each day, we are all connected in a way where we become involved in each others lives. It is truly amazing. I continue to love the idea of clicking on one article or blog to only be led to another which I might not have found otherwise. So I send a little blog love to NieNie and hope her recovery continues to go well. Please visit her site and be inspired by all of her readers and the Nielson Family.

Have a great week

(images from Cookie Magazine)

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Chelsea said...

Stephanie is such a talent. And now,such an inspiration.Her kids are seriously adorable.